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TEMPERhouse   With PEKATEX® every new and existing house can be turned into a TEMPERhouse®. Easily, without special equipment, reliably – simply with PEKATEX®.

In a TEMPERhouse® state of the art building technology makes use of the widely spread knowledge that cellar floors are warmer on frosty days, yet in contrast are cooler on hot summer days in comparison to the ambient air temperature: extremes in ambient air temperatures are levelled out by cellars. But why?

Weather conditions and sun radiation influence the earth’s thermal power to a depth of around two meters. In moderate climates temperatures below freezing point penetrate to about a depth of only one meter. Of course, with increasing depth the calorific power of the earth rises progressively. At geologically homogeneous points of two to three meters depth, steady temperatures of around 12° to 16° Celsius will be met throughout the year, hence ground temperatures according to location are no more than 10° degrees Celsius away from the higher end of the comfortable temperatures in houses.

In contrast, ambient air temperatures in the winter can differ as much as 30° C and in summer as much as 20° C from the comfortable living range of 16° C to 22° C. To acquire comfortable living temperatures, the heating energy required to compensate an ambient temperature of -20° C is, of course, higher than for 0° C and – conversely as in the case of cooling – higher for 40° C than for 30° C.

In the TEMPERhouse® the natural thermal power omnipresent at cellar foundation levels of 12°, 13°, 14°, 15° or 16° C is ideally suited to compensate for the outside peak temperatures in our latitudes, especially to temper the temperature of cold (or hot) outside air at no operating and maintenance costs and to reduce thermal losses through the outer house walls by 20 to 30 percent  respectively allowing the temperatures of living and working quarters to be air-conditioned at no cost.
  PEKATEX® is applied to circulate the outside air down and up the TEMPERhouse®. PEKATEX® has proven on hundreds of objects its capability of structural venting of facades. Outside air is drawn in at ground level and led down to the cellar foundation and then across the whole building up to the roof through the structural venting plain produced by PEKATEX® behind the facade, thereby transporting moisture into the open and avoiding moisture in the building structure. To make use of the upper earth’s calorific power in the TEMPERhouse® the outside air is directed from the ground level down to the cellar foundation, exchanging temperatures there with the earth’s thermal power and then taken around the house behind the facade, either warmed-up in the winter or cooled-down during the summer months. Only when being taken over long distances, it may be necessary to support the convective air flow in PEKATEX® with miniature ventilators. The use of the upper earth’s thermal power for levelling out the daily- and seasonable outside temperature extremes in the TEMPERhouse® with PEKATEX® shows remarkable advantageous effects:
punktForming thermal exchange surfaces alongside cellar walls from the ground level to the cellar foundation with PEKATEX® does not create a greater challenge, as it can build upon the experience gained in venting hundreds of facades and accommodates well in the whole building process;
punktThe thermal exchange with the earth’s uppermost calorific power will balance temperature extremes before the air flows up the building, thereby reducing maintenance requirements and extending the life span of the building by a long way;
punktPreheated outside air floating up the building will reduce heating requirements. Reduced temperature differences between the inside and outside during summer and winter months requires lesser thermal insulation, slims down outside walls, which in turn improves the incidence of light, reduces building costs and protects the environment, produces more building space and saves land;

punktIn the summer PEKATEX® in the TEMPERhouse® produces draft-free, even whisper-free, effective and healthy air-conditioning for comfortably cool living quarters;
punktThe use of the earth’s uppermost calorific power in the TEMPERhouse® is free of operating cost. Dependent upon the frequency of occurring temperature extremes during an annual period the reduction of excessive temperatures can reduce energy costs by more than 30 percent (!).

A TEMPERhouse® with PEKATEX® reduces costs, increases the value of the estate, protects against temperature extremes and is fireproof. PEKATEX® the best side of quality.

Graphic Sheet: TEMPERhouse® Upper Earth Heat Utilization for everybody