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PEKATEX® Cavity Structure for facades, walls, ceilings, terraces and for interior finish  

PEKATEX® is a cage-like, cavity-forming structure for facades, ceilings and terraces. Used for structural ventilation, as a space for services, sound and heat insulation and other purposes.

PEKATEX® is an integral tubular grid, built from sealed glass fibre strands. It has longitudinal running, parallel support webs.
It is light, robust, odour-free, unaffected by corrosive substances, and will not corrode or rot. In an unworked state is longitudinally rigid but can be laterally shaped to a limited extent.

PEKATEX® bears, supports, anchors, reinforces, provides a cavity, dampens and isolates, disconnects: relative movement of outer coatings and substrate is maintained.

PEKATEX® can be cut using ordinary tools (knives and saws, cutting-off wheel). It can be bonded by adhesive, casting, concrete, fixed in place by dowels at the




rear, mortar or plaster from one or both faces. The concrete, mortar, adhesive and plaster grips to the grid structure.

PEKATEX® can take rendering or cladding on either face or on both faces, using similar or dissimilar coatings, or it can be left uncoated. PEKATEX® is an ideal base for a frictional bond of internal or external plaster finishes, paint, filler, bedding mortar for stones, ceramic tiles, bricks or other tiles.

PEKATEX® is available with its rectilinear cross-section cavities partially or wholly filled with non-combustible mineral wool. This enables built-in structural ventilation or heat insulation to be optimised as required; partially filled types are ideal for use in cases where both built-in structural ventilation and complete heat insulation are required such as behind diffusion-tight facades.

The manufacture of PEKATEX® for
construction use is officially monitored.


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Facade System with



   PEKATEX® Cavity structure  


Cavity Structure
For Facades, Walls, Ceilings and Terraces.
Interior Finish.

Mortar it or Peg it

   Set in a layer of mortar

PKT Profiled fixing clamp 2

Nominal Thickness 30 up 80 mm:
width 64 cm, length 117,5 cm
= 0,75 m²
Nominal Thickness 100 up 120 mm:
width 32 cm, length 117,5 cm
= 0,375 m²